Charming Hotel Normandy - Rooms and suites

Unique interior designs 



La Chaîne d'Or Hotel has 14 rooms and Junior Suites: each of them has its owns specific interior design and pays tribute to a famous historic figure who made a mark on the town of Les Andelys, in particular Philip Augustus, Richard Lionheart, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and William Turner, for a historical thematic stay on the banks of the Seine.

These rooms and junior suites with a personalised interior design will delight you by their peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, as well as their unique privileged location on one of the most beautiful meanders on the Seine.
Whether they offer a view over the Seine, the interior courtyard, or Place Saint-Sauveur, they guarantee you moments of well-being and relaxation: watch the ducks swimming peacefully by and take advantage of the beauties of this wild natural setting during a stay at La Chaîne d'Or, where time appears to stand still.

Located just in front of la "Voie Verte", the famous bicycle path from Paris to Le Havre, La Chaine d'Or offers adapted amenities for people coming with bicycle and is member of the French "Accueil Velo" label.

On friday and saturday, we register only bookings that include "à la carte" meals or half-board (lunch or dinner) accommodation. Since we only have 14 rooms, we privilege guests who want to take advantage of our gourmet restaurant during their stay.

La Chaîne d'Or offers these complete and modern facilities in all the rooms:

  • Flat-screen television 
  • En suite bathroom
  • Private WC
  • Hairdryer
  • Free Wi-Fi access

We do not provide any room with access to disabled persons in la Chaîne d'Or due to a exemption from the French Historical Architect in a Historical Site. We therefore take a special care and personalised help to our disabled guests during their stay in la Chaîne d'Or.

Family room

From € 180 (room only for 1 to 4 people), € 416 (half-board for 4 people)

Stay at the Chaîne d'Or with your family, thanks to this loft which can cater for up to four people.

Dedicated entirely to the British adventurer, archaeologist and spy Lawrence of Arabia, who stayed in Les Andelys, this family room offers an exceptional view over Château Gaillard located in the upper reaches of the town, for a guaranteed change of scenery during your stay in Normandy.

You will appreciate the surface area and layout of this room, which comprises a double room (double bed or twin beds), a single room, a sleeping area in the lounge, a large en suite bathroom and WC.

Junior Suites with view over the Seine

From € 165 (room only for 2 people), 283 € (half-board for 2 people)

Opt for the charm of these Junior Suites during a romantic getaway on the banks of the Seine. They offer good quality comfort, combined with an elegant and refined interior design.

La Chaîne d'Or offers 4 Junior Suites which benefit from a clear view over the Seine for a unique stay thanks to their different universes.

Richard Lionheart Junior Suite

The renovated Junior Suite dedicated to Richard Lionheart, the King of England and Duke of Normandy, offers an interior design and furniture of royal inspiration, in shades of gold and red.

A period fireplace completes this spacious room that is able to cater for up to 4 people, thanks to a large double bed (or two single beds) and a sofa bed for two people: ideal for a family stay.

There is no doubt that young and old alike will be seduced by this royal universe!

William Turner Junior Suite

This room pays tribute to the British watercolour painter, William Turner, who spent time in Les Andelys, seduced by the beauty of the Normandy Seine.

A reproduction of his painting of the meander of the Seine in Les Andelys is displayed in this Junior Suite.

It offers a large double bed (or two single beds), a sofa bed, and an en suite bathroom.

Visit Normandy with your family or with a loved one and take advantage of the charm of this room dedicated to the painter William Turner.

Philip Augustus Junior Suite

This renovated Junior Suite pays tribute to Philip Augustus, the seventh king of the Capetian dynasty, who relaunched the conquest of Normandy by taking Château Gaillard.

This Junior Suite will immerse you in a stylish universe, thanks to its dominant shade of royal blue, gold embroideries, central fireplace and canopy bed. With a double bed and a single sofa bed, it can cater for up to 3 people.

Nicolas Poussin Junior Suite

This comfortable room offers a large surface area and will delight you with its atmosphere thanks to its classical interior design and imposing fireplace.

It offers a large double bed (or twin beds), a sofa bed (for two) and accommodation for an additional person.

The renovation of this Junior Suite will offer an interior design that will pay tribute to the French painter Nicolas Poussin, who was born in Les Andelys, a leading representative of pictorial Classicism.

Standard rooms with view over the Seine

From €145 (room only) – €263 (half-board, for 2 people) - Best rate guaranteed

Opt for these standard rooms during your stay in Eure: for a romantic getaway or a business trip, they provide a meticulous and unique setting, as well as a view over the Seine. They offer a double bed (or two single beds) and a bathroom and en suite WC.

One of our two rooms with a view over the Seine will be renovated according to the theme of the French landscape painter Paul Signac, who was behind pointillism. He painted beautiful and very colourful works depicting the banks of the Seine from Petit Andely. 

Henri Lebasque room

Henri Lebasque, born in Seine-et-Marne in 1865 and died in Le Cannet in 1937, was a French post-Impressionist painter.

Seduced by the landscapes of the Seine, Henri Lebasque painted the surroundings of Les Andelys several times. Particularly well-known is the series of Young Women in a Boat paintings.

From the room, you will be able to take advantage of this romantic landscape on the banks of the Seine. The room can be fitted out according to your wishes with a double bed or twin beds. 

Paul Signac room

Paul Signac, born in Paris on 11 November 1863, where he also died on 15 August 1935, was a French landscape artist who was behind the pointillism movement along with the artist Seurat. At the end of June 1886, Signac came to Les Andelys for three months. There, he painted a series of ten landscapes according to the divisionist technique. "Les Andelys; the riverbank" is one of the most important canvases in this series.

You will be able to admire the realism between Signac's work and the real-life setting from this room which pays tribute to the artist.

The room is available with a double bed or twin beds according to your wishes.

Rooms with view over the interior courtyard

From €120 (room only) – €238 (half-board, for 2 people) - Best rate guaranteed

These rooms offer complete comfort and a stylish interior design.

They offer a view over the hotel's pleasant interior courtyard. They are equipped with a double bed (or twin beds), an en suite bathroom and WC. 

You will appreciate the peaceful setting and the view over the attractive courtyard of La Chaîne d'Or.

Marcel Lefèvre room

This room is dedicated to Marcel Lefèvre, who was born on 17 March 1918 in Les Andelys and died on 5 June 1944 in Moscow. This French pilot, a flying ace during the Second World War, was a member of the Normandie-Niémen regiment on the Eastern front.

In the Normandie-Niémen regiment, Marcel Lefèvre had several nicknames: " Père Magloire" after the picturesque character from Norman folklore who decorated his plane, but the most common one was "la Fièvre" owing to the passion with which he followed the front on an Ordnance Survey map pinned on the wall of his isba. He is buried in Les Andelys.

Queen Saint Clotilde room

One of these rooms with a view over the hotel's interior courtyard is dedicated to Queen Saint Clotilde, the second wife of Clovis, who founded a convent for young girls in Les Andelys (on the present-day site of Notre Dame collegiate). In 511 she produced a miracle with a nearby fountain which became a very popular pilgrimage site at the start of the 20th century.

It will delight you with its light colours and period furniture which create an elegant atmosphere.

Margaret of Burgundy room

This room is dedicated to Queen Margaret of Burgundy, the wife of Louis X. She was imprisoned in Château Gaillard after the Tour de Nesle adultery scandal, an episode made famous in the Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon. She was murdered there in 1315.

Elegantly decorated in shades of violet, it can cater for up to 3 people thanks to its double bed (or twin beds) and single bed.

The bathroom with its modern materials, offers a beautiful corner bath for a moment of complete relaxation.

Room with a view over the church

From €99 (room only) – €217 (half-board, for 2 people) - Best rate guaranteed

While visiting the region, opt for these comfortable rooms at La Chaîne d'Or: you will be able to appreciate their view over Saint-Sauveur church and the charming square opposite the hotel. They offer a double bed and an en suite bathroom and WC.

But rest assured: the church bells only ring during the day time and their delicate sound allows you to rest at all times of the day.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle room

This room is dedicated to the British writer and Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes. He stayed in Les Andelys several times.

There is a certain amount of mystery about the episodes which the author wrote during his stay at La Chaîne d’Or.

Thomas Corneille room

The Thomas Corneille room, the brother of Pierre Corneille, pays tribute to this author who spent most of his life in Les Andelys, where he is also buried at Notre-Dame des Andelys.

Simple budget rooms

From €69 (room only) – €131 (half-board for 1 person) - Best rate guaranteed

During a business stopover or a discovery getaway to the region on your own, these single budget rooms will allow you to stay in Normandy at a good value price and take advantage of the elegant and refined setting of La Chaîne d'Or.

Georges Guynemer budget room

This room is dedicated to the Frenchman Georges Guynemer a famous pilot and hero of the Cigognes regiment, who became famous during the First World War. Born in 1894, he spent his childhood at Château du Thuit a few kilometres from Les Andelys.

This ground floor room, decorated in shades of white and blue, offers an attractive and elegant interior design. Treat yourself to a night with your head in the clouds, thanks to the decorated wall panel: the clouds and propeller will make you feel as if you are in Guynemer's plane! 

This room offers a view over Place Saint-Sauveur.

Jean-Pierre Blanchard budget room

This room pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Blanchard, who was born in Petit-Andely in 1753. A French balloonist, he made his name by becoming the first to cross the English Channel in a hot-air balloon on 7 January 1785.

This single room, located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, has been renovated in shades of white and blue and is extremely comfortable. It offers a view over Château Gaillard.